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Quick analysis and advice to fix your branding, sales or website. Only €100, because it doesn't need to be expensive.


position | name | story | strategy | content

Your brand is you. Let us find the right way to tell the right story about you. We find your purpose, define your identity and build on your values. We make your brand what it should be.


write | speak | print | online | video

Let's come up with a clear message and then make a plan how the message will be delivered. Who says what to whom, through which channels and with what purpose.


honesty | a twist of lemon | hardwork

You have done all the hard work building the business, the product and the brand. What now? We guess you actually want to make sales and then more sales. We offer a fresh approach and a new way of looking at how you sell. We can also offer you help with your approach to the UK market.


purpose | process | outputs

All workshops are custom made and completely adjusted to purpose. Our  workshops range from boosting creativity in your team to guiding your management through the process of creating a new vision and many things in between. We can offer workshops for 1 person to 100's of people. This can be a participatory process or an open space discussion. The aims determine how we pick the methods and tools.

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