brand identity

Brief: We are a network of 7 different organisations and 12 different working units. We have to establish an identity or umbrella brand where all the members will keep their own integrity and accept the new network identity on a cellular level.


Brief: We need a series of videos to introduce the ground-breaking content of a training course for the global market. Our customers are very diverse, from business owners, leaders, governmental officers, teachers, coaches, CEOs; the list goes on. Our challenge is to find a clear message and deliver the content so the video can be an effective sales tool as well as being inspirational.


Brief: We work in a very competitive IT market and have a good reputation for state of the art services based on high level knowledge. We need help with finding a new corporate brand position that will put us on the map where we belong. We need to move forward from our roots of communicating our brand because we have outgrown our start up appearance. We want the market to connect us with who we are today and not who we were back when we started our company.


Brief: After 7 years on the market we feel that we need help with a review of our vision in order to get to the next level of business. We need guidelines for the whole team of management and co-workers developed through a collaborative process with the aim of building a strategy we can use to tackle our current challenges.

new name & rebrand

Brief: We have been developing our app for four years now and now we have integrated crucial new features that completely reposition our product due to exciting new functionality. The app has been in use with a name that we want to change. We need to generate ideas how to rebrand our product to allow us to challenge the old guys, the well established players in the global market.

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