the company

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh approach to what you do. We started Creative Nomads when we realised that to make things different we needed to work differently. To make things more relaxed, more fun, more creative.

who we are

We are Tadeja and Tom. Together we have over 45 years of experience in business. For us this is about more than just work. It’s what we do, how we do it, how we live. We divide our time between living in Slovenia, farming, living on a sailing boat, and just living and creating.

why ?

Why do we do what we do and as we do it? It’s simple; because we want to. We love change. We love innovation. We love questions and questioning. We want to share this and make businesses good.

we are so wrong

We believe in wrong. There is no right way to put it. There is no right way to success. There is just the wrong. Wrong is the new right. Wrong is true.

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